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Just reading the previous thread about sporterizing a Yugo M48 barreled action. Didn't want to corrupt his thread so I opened this one.

I've thought about this action for a few years now. My biggest question is this: What stock to buy and will aftermarket parts for a M98 work for this action. Will this action fit in a M98 stock or does someone make a stock specific to the M48. Will the three-position aftermarket safety for a M98 fit this action? I've built a couple 7X57 rifles before and think that would be a fine choice but I'm really leaning toward a 6.5X55 this time. That cartridge has intrigued me for a while now. And how can you tell if it's a M98 length or a shorter one?

When I was a youngster, 'bout 5' tall, I built a 1903 Springfield and turned it into a fine hunting rifle. I still own the rifle and am in the process of refinishing it yet again. But a new project is always welcome, especially with Winter coming on.
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i put a yugo in a boyds walnut stock, it fit great!! appearantly not having to kinda fit a kazillion other variants allowed then to cut the stock to match the action nicely as this thing fits as good as a lot of new factory rifles i've seen around... shoots great with the 185gr remington bulk bullets too!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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