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I can't believe there hasn't been a general discussion thread on this subject! We all know it's coming! :rolleyes:

Zombie Apocalypse to me just means when the world goes to ****. Doesn't necessarily have to be zombie-like beings eating human flesh - it can also be a scenario like in the game series Fallout (which, of course, has zombie looking characters called Ghouls). Fallout takes place in the future after nuclear war destroys most of the world - people living in underground vaults (those who could afford it anyway) emerge decades later to a barren wasteland filled with mutated people and animals.

I did a search to see if anyone else had started this thread, but apparently there is only one thread that has the phrase Zombie Apocalypse in it (found here:

So in light of that thread, what is your ideal Zombie Apocalypse arsenal? What weapons/caliber would you have? Remember, consider availability, ease of reloading, effectiveness/accuracy, etc in your responses. Or you can just brag about your awesome collection here and we call all marvel and salivate with jealousy. Any apologies to any "show us your guns" thread - this is mainly for what you would like to have in an end of the world scenario (i.e. your wishlist).

I can start -
What I have:
*Glock 23 (.40)
*Winchester Model 70 Extreme Weather SS (.30-06)
*old single barrel shotgun made in Brazil that was gifted to me (.410)

What I would want in a Zombie Apocalypse:
*Remington 870 (12g - preferably one that holds the most shells possible :D)
*Glock 17 with extended magazines (9mm would probably allow for easier headshots)
*whatever rifle that would have the easiest to find and can put down zombies - so basically anything from a .22LR to .308.
*AR-15 or any military grade semi-automatic rifle (seems like full auto would just waste too much precious ammo)

What I would like:
*Remington 870 (12g)
*30-30 lever-action rifle
*.45 or .44 mag scoped revolver
*compact/subcompact 9mm or .38 special revolver (think ankle strap or can fit in almost any pocket)
*AR-15 (this would probably be the last type of gun I buy)

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Please - we don't need that sort of silly stuff. Save it for the gaming boards.

No offense, but it does not serve the purpose of the Shooter's Forum. That's why we don't have those types of threads.
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