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Old 02-04-2017, 02:17 PM
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6.5 wsm

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I have a 270 wsm in which the barrel is of no use. So I been trying to decide between a 7mm wsm or go back to a 270 wsm. But now I am considering a 6.5 wsm. This will be hunting only and mostly for antelope and deer. I have a 300 magnum and a 308, so I was hoping for something in the middle with long range capacity( ok LR for me is up to 500 yards).

I am sort of in the dark on this and don't know if I can even put this together on my savage rifle. Can I find a 6.5 wsm barrel and dies?

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Old 02-04-2017, 09:12 PM
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Why-ever elk or pronghorn or deer at 500 yards? I still need to find a pronghorn I could not stalk to 200-250 yards.

While the 6.5mm bullet is good enough even for elk when sufficient weight and strong designs are used they still need perfect shot placement - as do even the .338 and larger, by the way. At 500 yards the shooter can never know beforehand that he WILL place his bullet in the 3" diameter circle of a mule deer's heart. 1 inch too far back or two inches too high and that lung shot from 500 yards will possibly not allow the average hunter to walk the distance and find the exact position the animal had stood and read the tracks and follow it through the brush and grass and eventually find the tiny, tiny first smear of dried blood on a leaf. Many hunters simply give up on that and try another shot at another one at 400 yards+.

The merest whiff of a breeze will put a bullet into an elk's stomach at 400 yards, and into the rear gut of a deer. Maybe you have seen what an elk or deer does when gut shot, or maybe you have not: it merely trots away as it does with a complete miss. I saw one simply walk away into the brush and the hunter tried to convince me we should just let it go. They die a day or two later.

Of course some people are not financially affected by the costs of barrel replacement but the slow burning propellant requirement and flame time of that 6.5 mm bore and big case capacity combination will give you about a 1.5 sec barrel life as compared to about 5 seconds for a .300 WSM. There is such a wider application for the 300 WSM.

The diameter of 6.5mm bores are best designed for the volume of the 6.5x55 / 7x57 (6.5x57), and .308W (.260 Rem) size cases. The gas pressure and flame time give these the perfect launch thermo-dynamics for bullets in the 140-154gr weight category and barrel life of easily 10 seconds or more.
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Old 02-05-2017, 06:45 AM
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While I've owned 3 nice 6.5s, two 6x55s and a 6.5RM, I've not seen anything that a .270WSM cannot do as well or better hunting-wise. I know there's lots of fans of 6.5s here and rightly so as they are fine cartridges. But when I peruse the numbers, including trajectories in similar loadings, I like the .270 and what it has to offer. YMMV.
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Old 02-05-2017, 06:50 AM
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Well the debate as to wether you should take a 500 yd shot is a separate topic, or at least should be.
As for the 6.5 WSM cartridge, yes it can be done on a Savage action, and I personaly did it as have many others.
For starters, I was also looking for a long range antelope cartridge. I started with a lefty Savage 111 chambered in 243.
I ordered a 26" Brux barrel with an 8 twist and a new bolt face from Savage. I had the chambering done by a smith who had a reamer and had built several others on Rem actions.
I used 270 WSM brass for ease of necking down to 6.5. Otherwise it is identicle to 300 WSM brass.
The main problem I encountered was feeding issues from the magazine which the original smith could never rectify.
I would strongly advise using a WSM action to start with.
I had no problem obtaining velocities of 3350 fps and higher with 140 gr bullets with good accuracy.
I found Norma brass to be better than WIN brass for that cartridge. H 1000 was the powder I settled on after trying many.
I ran 320 rounds down the barrel and killed 2 antelope with the longest being 610 yards before selling the gun.
The reason I sold it was I can drive 160+ grain bullets at equal velocity from a 7mm cartridge id already had.
Personaly, if I had the time to do over id be getting one of the fine factory 308 length 6.5 cartridges and be happy.
There are lots of good prefit barrels available for Savage. Many of the well known makers are now offering them.
The Savage Shooters site would be a good place to get more information.
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Old 02-05-2017, 08:28 AM
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You should look at the 6.5 sherman ss. Shoot matrix 150 at 3200 will put the hurt on anything in North America
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Old 02-05-2017, 10:54 AM
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Thanks for the response everyone. I do understand the difference between being a sniper and hunter. Most if not all of my shots are under 300 yards when hunting, yet out in eastern Montana, I have had an opportunity for a 400 yard mulie shot. Did not take it at the time as I have not practiced that far at that time. Yet, now that I shoot 600 at the local range and mostly slightly under moa, I am concentrating on 400 to 500 yard shots before I try that in the field.

But let me emphasize that being an ethical hunter, I much prefer stalking to within 200 yards as the preferred method. Ironically, I have several friends that never practice further than 100 yards and have no problems trying to make a 300 yard shot. It really annoys me when they come back from an elk hunt and indicate they missed on a 350 yard shot. I just pray they did miss.

Will probably go back to my 270 wsm or 7mm wsm and maybe later get a 6.5 cm for my 308 setup . I have a 7mm 08 that my daughter uses and she is absolutely a tack driver with that.

Again, was just curious and thanks.
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Old 02-05-2017, 01:24 PM
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I think a 6.5/06 might be a better choice if you want to stay with the 6.5. Great ballistics, will load and unload smoothly, same length as your 270+/-.
Check it out
I'm currently waiting for two new rifles, a custom 260 Rem and a 280 Ackley.
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Old 02-06-2017, 03:33 PM
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I've always wanted a 6.5 saum or wsm, both would fit in a short action.
Probably slightly more accurate than a 264 mag
Barrel life better than a 264 while still getting high velocities.
Less wind drift than the 257 weatherby,270wsm, 7saum or 7wsm
If I started down that road and was starting from scratch I would probably buy that new 6.5 from weatherby.
The 6.5 wsm wildcat seems to be getting more popular every year, I wouldn't be surprised if it becomes a factory cartridge eventually.
If you already have the action I wouldn't hesitate a second going for the 6.5 but I enjoy having and shooting wildcats like alot of people btw.
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Old 02-08-2017, 10:45 AM
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Originally Posted by WAL0001 View Post
I have a 270 wsm in which the barrel is of no use. So I been trying to decide between a 7mm wsm or go back to a 270 wsm. But now I am considering a 6.5 wsm. This will be hunting only and mostly for antelope and deer. I have a 300 magnum and a 308, so I was hoping for something in the middle with long range capacity( ok LR for me is up to 500 yards).

I am sort of in the dark on this and don't know if I can even put this together on my savage rifle. Can I find a 6.5 wsm barrel and dies?

The 6.5 WSM, or 6.5*300 WSM, or 6.5 Leopard, are all the same thing.
Lee sells dies, or at least can easily make them, that's where mine came from.
You can equate the velocities ROUGHLY to what the 264WM is capable of.

Here is my only real caution for you, and this isn't specific to the 6.5. That parent case is quite problematic. The brass is really hit and miss for quality, reloading can be very very short lived at time, even when tested pressures are sedate. There is no listed load data, and if using QL, you need to be VERY careful about trusting some of the outputs; at least with General Dynamics powders.

If wildcatting, or being different is your thing then you should do it. If you are more of a paint by numbers guy, stick with an established cartridge.
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Old 02-08-2017, 12:13 PM
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In 2015 me & a friend each built a 6.5 WSM. His on a Win. action, mine on a Ruger. The barrel is a 24" E.R.Shaw 24" light sporter in stainless. 1/8 twist. Accuracy for both rifles has been outstanding. I have since taken 4 elk with mine using the Barnes 120gr TSX. All 4 elk were DRT with one shot & all bullets passed completely thru even when connecting with heavy bone. One bull I shot this past season, the bullet entered just barely behind the left shoulder angling left to right. After passing thru the rib cage on an angle up hill it exited the right side & completely shattered & removed the right front leg just above the knee. The leg bone at this point was a good 3" in dia. This shot was about 185 yds. My chronograph registers an extremely consistent 3383 FPS, 24" Bbl. I personally don't take 500 yds shots preferring to get closer. I have crawled on my belly many time to do so. Both me & my friend have shot our 6.5's at a 500YD range & found them very capable. When penetration is needed the Barnes TSX will penetrate out of all proportion to it's size. To understand how flat this round shoots you have to try it for your self. I use the available Lee dies which work great. Hope this is helpful.
If this isn't sufficient penetration you must want to hunt some thing truly huge. Bullet selection for 6.5 is excellent.
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Old 02-14-2017, 06:48 AM
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I have a 6.5mm WSM. Custom built on a Nesika action, with a Broughton barrel. The gunsmith talked me into the caliber when I asked for something capable of long-range shooting, mainly on the argument that the higher velocity would mitigate the effects of wind deflection. I form the brass from .270 WSM brass and use Redding Type S neck sizing dies.

If I had to pick a WSM caliber for long-range hunting, I would go with a 7mm WSM. .270 WSM would do alright, but the bullet selection in 7mm is much better, with quite a few bullets suitable for long-range hunting. You're looking for heavier bullets with a high BC that will retain downrange velocity.

I know you're asking about another WSM to fit the existing action, but if I was dead set on a 6.5mm for long-ranage use, I would look at the new .26 Nosler (which didn't exist when I had this rifle built). It's everything the 6.5mm WSM was supposed to be, and then some, but factory available.
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Old 04-19-2017, 07:33 AM
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Blow everybody's mind. Make a 7mm Creedmore!
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