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Old 01-31-2011, 10:39 AM
Beartooth Regular
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They say a picture is-----

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Hello to the forum,
I'm making good (somewhat) on my threat. Here's a collage of photos on my Boer wildcat projects. One technical note I didn't put into the clips was that when I go ahead and order my chambering reamer for the .450, I'll do it in .400" and let my 'smith' neck-throat ream my first 450 chamber with an extra long neck. Then I can still go back to my first attempt and make up my "try" cases out of 458 Lott's. These will swell out, and Hornady can use them to do the F.L. sizer die. So only the odd ball .400 will have to have it's chamber fully reamed by the new PT&G chamber reamer. The larger versions will have the same new shoulder head spacing, and case body, but oversize pilots, and neck-throat reamers will finish up these jobs. Using the old style RCBS sizers would eliminate the need for this. But the New Dim. Hornady dies, won't let any brass flow up into the zip spindle collet seat of the die. So the five fired .450 cases I send back to them will all have extra long necks. Again, with the New Dimension Seaters, you can seat/crimp a much shorter neck, with their sleeves. This is the same sneaky trick that Hornady uses to justify their putting out the shorty 52mm length 444 Marlin Lever Revolution ammo. They say;"but you can reload and crimp it with our dies". Oh well, if you can't beat em, join em! But, per my photo clip descriptions, I will only allow a .450 chamber that is just short enough to preclude anyone from accidentally loading a .458 Win. Mag. into it. I do believe that I will just use a .458 Win. Mag. New Dimension Seater die with my custom F.L. New Dimension Sizer die. My being able to use standard New Dimension seaters, really does help the budget. Thanx Carpooler
Anyway, here's the link to my Boer 8 wildcat collage.
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Old 01-31-2011, 05:42 PM
Beartooth Regular
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I've got to be honest with much as I love wildcats, and even though I looked through the pictures, I only have a vague sense of what exactly your end-product is.

I'm going to take a guess and say it's 375 basic brass that is blown out to shoot .458" bullets? The thing is, where does "Boer 8" fit into that description? I'm really
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Old 02-01-2011, 11:44 AM
Beartooth Regular
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Americanized 8x68S Schuler

Hi Broom,
I figured I could do up an Americanized version of the unobtanium 8x 68's. I went with the 375 Ruger basic case and designed a streamlined 8mm, at the original length, but with more taper and a .374" long neck. I used 16 deg. as a compromise between the 14.5 deg. of the Schulers and the 17:30 deg. of the 30-06 family.
There are titles and descriptions on that Photobucket collage, but you may have to look at them singularly. Serendipitously, I found that my 8mm fired cases, when necked up to the headspacing limit of .416, gives me an identical neck with the old .416 Rigby. Most of the jacketed slugs have this half inch shank below the cannelures, and crimping into them gives me a nose that still works through my BRNO mil. magazines. With the .450, Hornady techs and I, calculated that a bare minimum body taper and a 26 deg. shoulder might just squeak by minimum head-spacing needs.
Only time will tell if they can steal a march on their respective parent cases, the two big Rugers. My gunsmith thinks that only the 8mm as a simple re-chamber of the Mauser's stepped barrels will fly. All I can say is that the Ruger Hawkeyes are wider than the military Mausers. One friend who has a .375 Ruger in a Rem. Model 30 Express, thinks it feeds and chambers just fine. He also likes to seat his bullets out in that long magazine. The Schuler case tops out with the .375 Holderlin, but the slightly larger diameter Ruger may work with my wildcat up to .416. In any case, the big .450 has to be reformed down from cylindrical basics, just like Townie Whelan did with his .400 Whelan. They both have less body taper than their respective parents. I hope you can see the Photobucket collage as one chapter of a work in progress. Since my case has the exact same capacity as the .416 Taylor, but with the Rigby's half inch neck, it wouldn't be mal appropos to envision a belted Taylor with a half inch neck. But it wouldn't fit into an unaltered Mil. Mauser mag box. I don't know about a Mauser Magnum action. In a perfect world, a .416 Ruger with a half inch Rigby neck would be pretty close to ideal. IMHO. And you could still shoot the present factory ammo in it. But until Hornady starts selling extra long Ruger basic cases, I believe my wildcat family can hang in there, by the scruff of their necks.

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Old 02-02-2011, 12:12 PM
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A picture is worth a 1000 words but all of those dies are worth twice that much in dollars. You need to find a set of bushing forming dies. Adam
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Old 02-03-2011, 11:43 AM
Beartooth Regular
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More to these dies than meets the eye.

Dear AB,
More than two thirds of the three way communications for this project, between PT&G, Hornady, and myself, were to eliminate conflicts between my new cartridge and any and all known SAAMI certified ones. So, the 8x68S Schuler won't fit in my chamber, and my round won't fit into an 8 x 68 chamber. We worked this out, step by step, so if I later choose to, I can put up some serious money, and get SAAMI certification. With the possible exceptions of some Euro metric rounds, like the 8 x 61 or something, my wildcat should stand up against any conflicts. All of the Taylors and Normas' have shorter necks, and my case is the Ruger's diameter. This leaves the two big Ruger cases, their .375 and their .416. So these two neck/throat reamed jobs, will have longer necks on paper. Of course, to use specific bullet cannelures, you have to trim them back. The Hornady new dimension seater dies have the peculiar function of being able to seat-crimp shorter necked cases, by using their sleeve design. So, while a trimmed back Boer 375, may indeed, drop into a 375 Ruger chamber, the one on the chamber blueprint won't. But this supposes that these will all be made from the Basics. These cylindrical basics squirt the necks up to impressive lengths. A .338 can be formed in my Boer 8 die set, that is as long as my Rem. 338 Ultra-mag cases. It feeds like a 33-375H&H, but head spaces on the 16deg. shoulder, instead of the belt. But why try and re-invent the wheel? But, interestingly, as an owner of a lefty Rem. 700BDL in 338 Ultra-mag, I figure than I can use Ruger 375 Basics as fodder to make up these Ultra-mag cases, by using Maj. G. Nonte's old trick of fitting small brass washers over their bases to center the undersized (.020") Ruger cases in the Ultra's chamber. The the Ruger will bulge out ahead of the washer to form to the Ultra's chamber, and I can reload them in my existing Hornady New Dimension dies. Their extraction grooves work fine, as is. These unique Ultra mag cases will be very difficult to make up, if Remington stopped making them, IMO. After bulging up those virgin 375H&H cases, I'm very dubious about using them with Maj. Nonte's washers to go all the way up to the Ultramags diameter.
Thanx for looking, Carpooler
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