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Old 05-01-2006, 08:04 PM
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Question Model 94 Changes

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I am curious about when some of the updates to the 94 were done (yr) such as;

Angle eject
Cross Bolt Safety
Tang Safety
Rebounding Hammer

Also when did USRAC take over the Company?


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Old 05-02-2006, 04:00 PM
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From a post by J Miller on this forum. . .

Since USRAC took over productioin of the Win 94s about the only way to determine the age is to compare the features on the gun. And that is approximate. I don't know of any serial number lists.

Here is a little 94AE time line posted over at forum by DLS:

Rebounding hammer introduced 1981
Angle Eject introduced 1983
.45 Colt introduced 1985
Crossbolt safety introduced 1992
Tang safety introduced 2004

My 94AE Trapper .45 Colt is a first year production, (1985) and it's serial number is 5,355,xxx.

I hope this helps some.

One question, have you tried calling USRAC and asking them? I talked to their technical department a couple years ago and the dated my 9422 for me. I don't know if they are still there, but it might be worth giving them a try.
Proving every day that old age and treachery can overcome youth and talent.
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Old 05-25-2006, 03:36 PM
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Joe has the dates correct.

Also when did USRAC take over the Company?
July 1st, 1981.

One question, have you tried calling USRAC and asking them?
One thing to remember, you will be talking to Browning Arms and not USRAC nor Winchester. These are the folks that state on their historical time-line the the first commemorative model 94 was the 1966 Centennial.
Now, that may come as a shock to those people that own the 1964 WYOMING DIAMOND JUBILEE and the 1965 NEBRASKA CENTENNIAL.
'94 Winchester Fan...
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Old 09-24-2006, 06:37 PM
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Here's some info.

Below is a brief timeline of historical information regarding Winchester Firearms:
Year Event
1854 Introduction of volcanic repeating handguns.
1855 Volcanic Repeating Arms Company formed.
Oliver Winchester buys stock in Volcanic Repeating Arms.
Volcanic carbine introduced
1856 Offices moved to New Haven, Connecticut.
Name changed to New Haven Arms Company.
1860 Henry rifle patented.
1862 First Henry rifles are sold.
1866 Oliver Winchester buys control of New Haven Arms Company and changes name to the Winchester Repeating Arms Company.
Model 1866 "Yellow Boy lever action introduced -- first gun to bear the Winchester name.
1868 Assets of Spencer Company purchased by Winchester.
1873 Model 1873 lever action introduced in centerfire and rimfire.
1875 Winchester buys rights to Hotchkiss bolt action centerfire.
1876 Model 1876 lever action introduced.
1879 John Browning patents his single shot rifle
1880 Oliver Winchester passes on.
1883 Model 1883 Hotchkiss Magazine Gun introduced. First Winchester bolt action.

In the spring of 1883, rights to the Model 1878 Single Shot, (later called the Model 1885), were purchased by T.G. Bennett of Winchester. The Browning Shop had begun a partnership with Winchester that would last the next 19 years.

1886 Model 1886 lever action introduced.
1887 Model 1887 lever action shotgun introduced.
Model 1887 pump action shotgun introduced.
1890 T.G. Bennett becomes president of Winchester Repeating Arms Company.
Model 1890 slide action .22 rimfire introduced.
1892 Model 1892 lever action introduced.
1894 Model 1894 lever action introduced. The 94 is without doubt the most famous of all deer hunting rifles in history. In addition, no rifle came to symbolize the romance of the West more that the Winchester Model 94.
1895 Model 1895 centerfire rifle introduced. Utilizes a box magazine especially designed to accomodate the recently introduced high power smokeless cartridges and pointed bullets.
1899 Model 1890 bolt action .22 rimfire introduced.
1903 Model 1903 semi-auto .22 rimfire introduced.
1911 Model 1911 semi-auto shotgun introduced. The first Winchester semi-auto shotgun.
1912 Model 1912 pump shotgun introduced. Later called the Model 12.
1919 Model 52 rimfire bolt action introduced.
1925 Model 54 centerfire bolt action rifle introduced.
1930 Model 21 side-by-side. Considered the premiere American made double.
1931 Olin purchases Winchester Repeating Arms Company and combines it with the Western Cartridge Company.
1932 Model 62 slide action .22 rimfire is introduced.
1936 Model 70 centerfire bolt action rifle introduced. The first centerfire bolt action designed by Winchester specifically for sporting use.
1937 Model 37 single shot shotgun introduced.
1954 Model 50 semi-auto shotgun.
1959 Model 59 semi-auto shotgun introduced.
1963 Original Model 70 discontinued. Rifles before this date became known as Pre-'64 Model 70s. Model 101 over/under shotgun introduced.
1964 New Model 70 introduced.
Original Model 1400 introduced.
Model 1200 pump shotgun introduced.
Model 94 antique.
1966 Model 66 introduced -- first commemorative produced.
1967 Model 94 saddle ring carbine.
Model 94 Classic.
1972 Model 9422 introduced.
S.L.L.. Magnum
1974 Super-X Model 1 semi-auto shotgun introduced.
1978 Model 1300 pump & 1500 semi-auto shotguns introduced.
Model 23 XTR
1979 Model 94 XTR
Model 94 XTR Big Bore
1981 U.S. Repeating Arms Company is formed and continues manufacturing Winchester brand rifles and shotguns in New Haven, Connecticut, under license from Olin Corporation.
1982 Model 70 Westerner
1983 Model 94 Chief Crazy Horse Commemorative
Model 9422 Annie Oakley Commemorative
1984 Model 94 angle eject
Winchester & Colt Commemorative set
Model 1300 Featherweight pump shotgun, 12 ga. and 20 ga.
Model Winchester Ranger semi-auto shotgun, 12 ga. and 20 ga.
Model 1300 pistol grip models
Model 70 Featherweight Ultra Grade
1985 Model 70 Lightweight carbine standard action
Model 70 Lightweight mini-carbine short action
Model 70 XTR Sporter
Model 70 XTR Super Express Magnum
Model 70 XTR Sporter Varmint
Model 94 angle eject standard Big Bore carbine
Model 9422 XTR rifle standard or magnum calibers
Model 9422 XTR Classic rifle standard or magnum calibers
Model 9422 Eagle Scout Limited Edition
Model 9422 Boy Scouts of American Commemorative
Model 1300 magnum Waterfowl
Model 70 Ranger youth model carbine
Model 1300 Ranger youth slide action
Model 70 Ranger bolt action, standard action
Model 94 Ranger lever action carbine
1986 Model 23 Classic Series -- Quail Special, Super, Pigeon, two barrel hunting set
Model 23 Classic 12 gauge
Model 23 Classic 20 gauge
Model 23 Classic 28 gauge
Model 23 Classic .410 gauge
Model 23 Custom two barrel set
Model 23 Golden Quail
Model 23 Light Duck
Model 94 120th Commemorative Anniversary Carbine
Model 9422 "The Lady"
1987 Model 70 50th Anniversary Edition
Model 70 Lightweight rifle longer barrel
Model 70 "WinTuff" "WinCam" and "WinLite"
Model 94 WinTuff carbine
Model 94 long barrel rifle
Model 9422 WinCam .22 magnum
Model 1300 Camo Pack 22" and 30" barrels
Model 1300 Ranger Deer combination pack
Model 1300 Ranger shotgun combination
1988 Model 1300 Wild Turkey Federation "Gun of the Year"
Model 1300 XTR 28" barrel
Model 1300 XTR Featherweight 22" barrel
Model 1300 WinTuff magnum
Model 1300 WinTuff Deer gun with rifled barrel
1989 Model 70 Varmint 26" barrel
1990 Model 70 Sporter 25-06,
Model 70 Custom Super Grade 7mm Rem. Mag., 300 Win. Mag., 338 Win. Mag.
Model 70 Super Express .375 H&H Mag., 458 Win. Mag., .375 Standard
Model 9422 Exclusive Magnum models
Model 1400 28", 20 ga. barrels -- Slug Hunter
Model 1300 Slug Hunter
Model 1300 28" barrels
Model 1300 Stainless Marine, corrosion resistant finishes
Model 70 Super Grade .270 Win., 30-06 Springfield
Model 70 Featherweight calibers, 65X55, 7mm Rem. Mag., 300 Win. Mag.
Model 70 Ranger -- Adult .243 Win.-- Ladies/Youth .308 Win.
Model 94 improved sights, quarter action
Model 1400 26" barrel, High Grade model
Model 1400 Walnut Slug Hunter
Model 1400 all combos and deer guns drilled & tapped for scope
Model 1300 White Tails Unlimited "Gun of the Year"
Model 1300 26" barrels, custom model
Model 1300 Ranger 26", all deer
Model 1300 20 gauge Defender
1992 New management at U.S. Repeating Arms. Plans for entirely new, modern production facility in New Haven, Connecticut, under license from Olin Corporation.
Model 70 Stainless rifle
Model 70 Featherweight classic with controlled round feeding
Model 70 detachable magazine
Model 70 .308 Win. in composite stock
Model 70 Ranger in .223 Rem.
Model 94 Large Loop Wrangler model in .357 Mag.
Model 1300 National Wild Turkey Federation Series III "Gun of the Year"
1993 Model 70 Custom Sharpshooter 7mm STW
Model 70 Super Express model
Model 70 Heavy Varmint, synthetic stock, heavy barrel
Model 70 DBM-S, detachable box magazine
Model 12 Classic Traditions, 20 ga. Grade I-IV
Model 52 Classic Traditions .22 Sporting rifle
Model 42 Classic Traditions .410 High Grade
Model 1001 over/under shotgun
Model 1300 National Wild Turkey Federation Series IV
Model 1400 Quail Unlimited
1994 Return of the Pre-'64 Model 70 type action design with claw extraction, controlled round feed, fixed-type ejection and many other features that made the original the most loved and prized bolt action rifle in history. Of all the Winchesters, no rifle design has been revered more among hunters, collectors, target shooters and outdoor writers than the Model 70 with the Pre-'64 type action
One Hundredth Anniversary of the Winchester Model 94 lever action. Specially engraved anniversary models are offered to commemorate the most famous of all Winchester lever actions. Often called "The Gun that Won the West." Its design and effectiveness is so superior that it remains one of the most popular deer rifles in the world.
Model 94 Custom Limited Edition Centennial
Model 94 Limited Edition Grade I and High Grade
Model 70 Classic Custom Sharpshooter .220 Swift
Model 70 Classic Super Express .416 Rem. Mag.
Model 70 Heavy Varmint .220 Swift
Model 70 Classic DBM .284 Win.
Model 1300 Realtree Turkey gun
1995 Model 70 Ultimate Classic with fluted barrel
Model 70 Ultimate Classic stainless with full octagon barrel
Model 94 Legacy
Model 1895 Limited Edition High Grade
Model 1895 Limited Edition Grade I
Model 9422 High Grade
Model 1001 discontinued
Model 1300 Turkey
Model 1300 Deer with rifle barrel, Full Advantage camo pattern
Model 1300 Deer with smoothbore barrel with Full Advantage camo pattern
1996 Model 70 Custom Classic Sharpshooter II stainless steel
Model 70 Custom Classic Sporting Sharpshooter II
Model 70 Classic Featherweight All-Terrain
Model 9422 Trapper
1997 Model 70 Ultimate Classic Stainless with full octagonal barrel, left-hand version
Model 63 High Grade semi-auto
Model 1895 Grade I
Model 1892 High Grade and Grade I
Model 70 Classic Featherweight Stainless
Model 70 Classic Laredo Long Range Hunter
Model 70 Classic Sporter right or left-hand
Model 94 Trails End with American Walnut stock
Model 9422 Anniversary Edition High Grade
Model 9422 Anniversary Edition Grade I
Model 1300 Turkey with gray all purpose Realtree camo full camo coverage
Model 1300 Advantage Field
Model 1300 Lady Defender 8 shot, 20 ga. with synthetic stock
Model 1300 Lady Defender 8 shot, 20 ga. with synthetic pistol grip stock
1998 Model 1886 High Grade
Model 70 Classic Compact
Model 70 Classic Laredo LRH fluted barrel
Model 70 Classic Laminated Camo Stainless
Model 70 Black Shadow
Model 94 Black Shadow
Model 94 Ranger Compact
Model 9422 Legacy
Model 9422 Large Loop and walnut
Model 9422 High Grade Series II
1999 Super X2 3 1/2"
Super X2 Turkey 3 1/2"
Super X2 3"
Super X2 Field 3"
Model 1300 Upland Special
Model 1300 Camp Defender
Model 70 Classic Safari Express
Model 94 Timber Carbine
Model 70 Custom African Safari, .358 STR
Model 70 Custom "Ultra Light" Mannlicher
2000 Super X2 receives Guns and Ammo's Reader's Choice Gun of the Year.
Winchester rugged outdoor clothing introduced.
Model 70 named “Bolt Action of the Century” by acclaimed Shooting Times editor, Rick Jamison.
Supreme Over/Under shotgun introduced
Model 1300 Black Shadow Cantilever Deer, Black Shadow Deer, Camo Turkey, and Compact Deer offered
Model 70 Coyote push-feed rifle and the 7mm STW caliber offered
Model 94 Pack Rifle available
Winchester offers historic rifles in the Model 1885 Low Wall rimfire, the extra light Model 1886, and the Model 1895 in 405 Winchester. (This caliber not immediately available).
Many new models from the Custom Gun shop in both Model 70’s and Model 94’s offered
2001 Super X2 in 3 1/2” NWTF Turkey black synthetic stock, and camo option offered, as well as a Sporting Clays shotgun.
Model 1300 NWTF Black Shadow, Turkey Superflage and Buck & Tom, Superflage Camo offered with TRUGLO sights
Model 9410, a .410 bore lever action shotgun makes it debut. It received the “Shotgun of the Year” award from the Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence. 24” barrel, cylinder choke holds up to 10 rounds.
The 300 WSM (Winchester Short Magnum is developed and introduced as a joint effort between Browning/Winchester Olin Corp. It wins the prestigious “Ammunition of the Year” award. Three Model 70’s were chambered for this cartridge, which gave maximum power in a short action rifle.
Model 70 in Classic Stainless offered in new Rem. 300 Ultra Mag caliber
Model 1895 in 405 caliber again announced in a Grade I and High Grade.
Custom Shop offers the Model 70 in 416 Rigby, 470 Capstick, 375 Ultra Mag., 300 WSM and 450 Marlin. A takedown Model 70 is introduced.
Model 94 “Classic Custom” limited edition in 38-55 announced.

2002 The Winchester Short Magnum in 270 WSM and 7mm WSM available in the Model 70
Model 94 in an exquisite, I of 1000, and 1 of 100 Heritage Model 94 Limited edition in 38-55 caliber
Model 9410 Packer shotgun, shorter barrel
Super X2 Greenhead with a Dura-Touch stock
Model 1300 NWTF introduced in a Short Turkey version
The 270 WSM wins “Ammunition of the Year” by the Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence.
2003 New 223 and 243 Winchester Super Short Magnum (WSSM) cartridges introduced
New Model 70 Super Shadow and Ultimate Shadow Blued and Stainless with new over-molded stocks with rubber gripping surfaces
Model 70 Featherweight Super Short, Coyote, Camo Ultimate Shadow and RMEF Super Grade Stainless
The Model 94 and 9410 offered with new top tang safety to preserve looks
The Model 9417 offered in Traditional and Legacy models
New Supreme Select Elegance, Field and Sporting models offered
Dura-Touch® Armor Coating added to many models
SX2 in the Universal Hunter Field and Signature Red Sporting added
Custom Shop offered a Custom Carbon and Custom Featherweight Model 70 and Custom Limited Edition, New Generation Model 94
2004 The 25 WSSM caliber added
Model 70s offered in the new WSSM calibers. New RMEF Super Grade and Sporter LT models and new Coyote Model 70 in stainless
Controlled Round Push Feed models emphasized in the Model 70s, Super Shadow Blued, Coyote Stainless and Stealth II
The Model 94s offered Trails end Octagon barrel with case-colored receiver, a Trails End Octagon
2005 The 325 WSM caliber was added to the Model 70 line. Used for thick-skinned, big game animals.
A Super Grade III, and Sporter III stock were added to the Model 70 line.
A Camo Ultimate Shadow with blued barrel offered.
A Super Grade III Model 70 and a model for the RMEF is offered.
Featherweight in stainless and a new Sporter III is introduced.
The Coyote now comes in a stainless, Lite stainless or Lite blued model.
In the Historical guns section, the Model 1885 High Wall comes is offered in all three WSM calibers, and the Low Wall model is offered in 17 Mach 2 caliber.
The Model 94 lever action is now available in a Trails End Hunter model, with a round or octagon barrel. A Marble’s front sight is featured on most Model 94 rifles.
The new Timber Scout, a very fast, quick rifle is offered in 30-30 or 44 Rem. Mag.
The Model 94 Legacy, with a 26” round or octagon barrel, is offered with a blued or case-colored receiver.
The Model 9422, one of the most popular 22 rimfire rifles ever, is discontinued. Several high-grade “Tribute” models are available for a limited time.
In the over/under shotgun line, there is a new Energy Sporting and Energy Trap, with or without an adjustable comb.
The Super X2 now has a fine camo finish on the 3 1/2” Camo Waterfowl model, and a new Light Field is available. The 3” Sporting Clays Signature has a red anodized receiver and magazine cap. There is a new Model 1300 in a NWTF Short Turkey, and a new Practical Defender.
From the Custom Shop comes a custom case-colored Model 9410 lever-action shotgun.
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Old 09-24-2006, 07:14 PM
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Welcome to the forum 30cal4me. Only thing I can say is "WOW"
Bob from Idaho
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Old 07-18-2011, 02:27 PM
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Originally Posted by LET-CA View Post
From a post by J Miller on this forum. . .

Here is a little 94AE time line posted over at forum by DLS:

Rebounding hammer introduced 1981
Angle Eject introduced 1983
.45 Colt introduced 1985
Crossbolt safety introduced 1992
Tang safety introduced 2004

Sorry to drag up an old thread, but going by this if I had a top eject ,rebound hammer it would be safe to say that it was made around 82, is this correct?Irrelevant of the serial number ?
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Old 07-19-2011, 05:20 PM
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Originally Posted by mbt View Post
Sorry to drag up an old thread, but going by this if I had a top eject ,rebound hammer it would be safe to say that it was made around 82, is this correct?Irrelevant of the serial number ?
If you had a top eject rebounding hammer it would be very rare. The rebounding hammer was introduced in 1984 about serial number 5,200,000. Some guns had it and some didn't until 1985 when all 94's had rebounding hammer. Angle eject was introduced in 1983 on big bore only. 1984 saw all 94's with angle eject at SN. around 5,264,000. The tang safety was available in 2003 around SN. 6,494,000.

I hope that may help.

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Old 07-21-2011, 09:48 AM
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This is a great thread and one certainly packed with information. I have an M94 Trapper model 30/30 top eject and no rebounding hammer, serial no. 485xxxx. I gather it was built prior to 1981. I seem to recall buying it about then. My .45Colt trapper AE M94 ser. no. 5436xxx was built around 1985 in that case. My memory is foggier on the .45Colt as I thought I'd acquired it earlier than that.
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Old 07-21-2011, 05:55 PM
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Serial number 4,85X,XXX was built in 1980 and is a Winchester, not USRA gun. 5,436,XXX would be a 1985 gun just as you say. That was the first year for the 45 Colt.

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