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Old 01-06-2009, 10:15 AM
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1894 repair help

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Not sure if this belongs here or in the gunsmithing forum, but I'm sure someone will move it if need be.
I have a model 94 30-30 that I bought a couple years ago pretty reasonable that needs a little work. It looks real nice, but the lever has a little too much side to side play, and you need to squeeze the lever to the stock in order for the trigger to release. In other words, the action is a little too sloppy, and needs to be tightened up. The bore is real nice as well, and the gun really looks like it hasn't been fired much at all. It's not an AE, and not a pre 64, and it appears to be a late 70's vintage.
As I said, I bought this gun reasonable enough, knowing it had this issue, with every intention of fixing it up to be a nice shooter. I want to make this a winter project, and attempt the repair on my own.
Now for my questions.
First, does anyone have any suggestions about what may be causing the play, what to look for, and how to fix it?
Also, I was thinking about ordering the AGI DVD that covers the 1894 as a guide to help me through the project. Does anyone have any experience with the AGI video series? Are they worth the money, or are they just a disassembly guide? The write-up claims they give pointers on what each part does, and what to look for in each component.
Any help is appreciated. Looking forward to the replies!
Thanks in advance!
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Old 01-06-2009, 10:30 AM
faucettb's Avatar
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The AGI vidios are top notch. I'm not a lever guy so can't help you there. It sounds like a fun Project for the winter.
Bob from Idaho
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Old 01-06-2009, 12:36 PM
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I think you will be surprised to find out that there is nothing wrong with your 94.
The grip safety (squeeze the lever to the stock) is there for a reason. Redundant maybe but I like having it on my Wrangler as I use it often as a saddle gun.
I've never seen a 94 that didn't have some side to side slop in the lever assembly, that's the way they were designed (but it would be a good idea if you examined some others to see if yours is beyond factory slop).
Good luck with it.
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Old 01-06-2009, 03:09 PM
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I tend to agree with the above posts. The AGI stuff is good. That gip saftey is there so that the bolt must be fully closed so that it cannot be fired until full lock-up. Most of the slop makes for a fast handling firearm.

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Old 01-07-2009, 02:30 AM
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Location: Maine
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Thanks for the advice. I do have a 66 Centennial, and it is not nearly as loose as this one, nor do you have to squeeze the grip anymore to fire once it's in the closed position. I don't have the box, but it's unfired, and I just can't get myself to hunt with it. (Yet!)
When did the grip safety get added to the 94?
I think I'll order the AGI video, tear it apart, and see what I can see. If I can't tighten her up to my satisfaction maybe I'll just sell it and look for a pre '64 in decent shape.
My Dad had a 32 special from the 40's that I hunted with as a kid, and I loved it. Wish i had it now! Those are getting hard to find in good shape unless you want to take out another mortgage.
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Old 01-15-2009, 10:45 AM
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Don't forget that it is generally easier to loosen up an action, than it is to tighten it up. If the parts fit loosely now, it is unlikely that you can do much unless you have a bin of parts to try mixing and matching.
I have a similar vintage 94 with the grip safety, and it took a little while to get used to gripping firmly. Once that learning stage was over with, I have no problems with it or the need to grip the lever.
Good luck.
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Old 01-25-2009, 04:47 PM
Beartooth Regular
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Check out ;


For disassemble instructions .

God bless
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Old 01-26-2009, 01:46 AM
Beartooth Regular
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Originally Posted by WyrTwister View Post
Check out ;


For disassemble instructions .

God bless
Thanks for the link!
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Old 01-27-2009, 03:31 AM
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The side slop is intentional. Worry when it DOESN'T wiggle. As for squeezing the lever to shoot it, they all came that way ... it's a safety feature. DON'T try to eliminate it. It was designed in when Mr. Browning designed it ... another departure from the M92.

I also have a '66 Centennial, with the 26" barrel. Hunted with it this Fall. I love it and it is one of those rifles I'll never part with ... my children can fight over it when I die. I bought it new in 1966 and didn't fire it until this past summer. Kick myself over that fact. Should have used it all along. Prettiest 94 I've ever owned.

If you're looking for tight tolerances on a lever action, buy a Marlin.
"It is the province of knowledge to speak and it is the privilege of wisdom to listen". Oliver Wendell Holmes
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Old 01-27-2009, 12:19 PM
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If you have to squeeze with thoughtfulness, then either you or the rifle are doing something wrong. It should be a natural meld between you and the lever. Raise the rifle, cock the hammer, don't think about the lever, squeeze the trigger--Did it function? If not, are you holding the rifle oddly?--I doubt it. Or there is another problem.

When the lever is in the closed position, does it barely touch the pin (trigger stop pin) that protrudes from the lower tang? It should. Sometimes when people shoot hot loads, the case sticks in the chamber. Then, the shooter attempts to eject it by muscling the lever--result is a bent lever. Does your lever close within 1/4" and parallel to the lower tang? It should.

Is this pin hard to depress? If so, maybe your internal parts there are in need of cleaning.

Last edited by FromTheWoods; 01-29-2009 at 04:46 PM.
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Old 02-01-2009, 04:53 AM
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I doubt very seriously that you can eliminate the wiggle in the lever. You have to keep in mind that the lever is secured only in a slot in the lower link which is loose by natural function. The other end is secured in the bolt again with some slop. I have read in another forum where somebody removed the lower tang and disabled the safety, but i would strongly recommend against it. FWIW
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Old 02-01-2009, 04:46 PM
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Make sure the screws are tight enough.
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