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1911 ramped barrel

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My Regent 1911 full frame has the factory barrel installed, I'm looking to install a more efficient ramped barrel. Does anyone Know if it is as simple as just dropping the new barrel in or are further modification needed? Also I'm open to opinions on the brand of barrel to purchase.
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How is the barrel you have not "efficient" enough for you? If it ain't broke, I wouldn't try to "fix" it.

I think the answer to your question is probably going to be directly related to what you mean by a "ramped" barrel, and what brand you are considering. You might be looking at a drop-in, or something requiring machining of the frame.
The list of reasons to customize a gun is long -- and quite a few of them have nothing to do with making a gun more reliable or accurate.

Installing a barrel like the one pictures involves more than "a bit of frame shaping". It's a machining job requiring precise fitting, not a cheap job or one suited to the amateur gunsmith. Done incorrectly, it can turn a perfectly reliable gun in to a disaster.
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